How much do you know about your water?

Algae, quagga and zebra mussels, and bacteria; problems in lakes and rivers; treatment of wastewater. What do you know about water issues? And what about the answers? Take a few minutes to read about our revolutionary solutions creating remarkable results in water systems around the world.

Will ATS Innova’s New Water Treatment Probiotics Product Line Work for Me?

Just as probiotics work to correct health issues in the gut, it can do the same for wastewater treatment. Probiotics make up very small organic molecules that improves existing microbial activity in wastewater; they reduce sludge, cut down on odor, and control BOD and...

Phos58™: The Unique Rare Earth Metal that is Changing How We Treat Wastewater

Rare earth metals have been used for thousands of years for many uses. One of the applications includes treating wastewater, specifically regarding phosphorus removal. Phos58, a rare earth chloride solution with high performance, is a water-soluble coagulant that has...

How Innova MB™ Products Promote Biological Oxidation in Wastewater

Just like an ecosystem needs oxygen to sustain life, the same goes with treating wastewater. By introducing oxygen in the water, it aerates the water and kills off harmful microorganisms. When a reduction in biochemical or biological oxidation occurs,...