Wastewater Concerns

Long Term Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater issues often do not get the attention they deserve until something goes horribly wrong. Many in the industry continue to do what they have always done; however, they are finding that the tried-and-true methods are often falling short. You’ll be pleased with the results of our high-performance chemistry program along with the service of our industry-recognized experts. We provide you long-term value and solutions that solve your most pressing problems.

Phosphorus Removal

Phosphorus removal is a bigger issue today than ever before. State laws limit the levels of phosphorus that can be discharged from wastewater into the environment. Generally, the enforcement of these laws also happens at the state level. Many U.S. states currently regulate, or will soon regulate, these phosphorus levels.

Sludge Reduction and Dewatering

Innova’s specialty chemistry can reduce your sludge to such an extent that you may need to remove sludge only once every week or so. Our sludge-reducing chemistry saves time and labor cost of hauling.

Reduced Maintenance

By using the right chemistry, biology, and equipment the strain on your facility can grately be reduced saving an untold number of hours and dollars in maintenance.