Microbrial Monitoring

The Problem with Dead Bugs

Did you know that most testing methods used count all of the biomass. They make no distinction between living and dead bacteria. Many facilities have over half of their bugs are dead. They think their process is healthy because of the amount of biomass, but the truth is much different.

Not Knowing Can Lead To:

  • Toxicity and upsets
  • Higher than necessary operating costs
  • Solids inventory challenges
  • Sludge bulking

Monitoring Active Biomass

How can LuminUltra® help to mitigate these issues?

If you know you can take control of biomass health of your system and take preventative action sooner than ever before, preventing process upsets before the issue is out of controll and the costs soar. LuminUltra provides complete results within 5 minutes, allowing real-time assessment of bioreactor efficiency and stability, such as:

  • Measure living biomass directly via Cellular ATP (cATP), without interference from dead biomass and inert solids.
    Measure biomass health through the Biomass Stress Index (BSI).
  • Determine the percentage and distribution of active biomass in any bioreactor.
  • Optimize oxygen, nutrients, and bioaugmentation products.
    Optimize treatment parameters and in doing so reduce operating costs.
  • Prevent process upsets by detecting toxicity at any point in the system.
  • Detect the onset of settling problems like bulking or deflocculation before it is too late.

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