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“Accurate, real-time microbiological testing results enable wastewater managers to save time, optimize operating costs, and manage treatment process risks—sooner than ever before.”

Real-Time Microbial Monitoring

LuminUltra™ provides accelerated microbiological monitoring by using advanced analytics and reporting. This microbiological intelligence can guide improvements to process controls in treatment operations.

Reduce days into minutes with real-time total microbial content monitoring and intelligence, and hedge against toxicity events by knowing the moment they start.


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“Innova MB reduced H²S spikes from over 400 PPM to around 100 PPM and the average daily H²S from over 25 PPM to below 10 PPM — saving the collections facility a projected $36,000 annually.”

Biology in Wastewater

InnovaMB™ is a specialized blend of microorganisms that are incredibly effective at degrading organic material in wastewater.

  • Break Down Waste Solids
  • Reduce Sludge
  • H²S Removal
  • Improve Nitrogen Removal
  • Odor Reduction
  • FOG Digestion
  • Lower BOD, COD
  • Lower Electrical Costs

“Artificial Intelligence helps waterwater managers evaluate real-time data to reveal hidden issues and generate immediate solutions before an insignificant issue becomes an ongoing problem.”

AI Wastewater Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the the capacity of a computer to perform operations comparable to learning and decision making in humans.

The benefits of AI in Wastewater Management include:

  • Predictive and prescriptive virtual advisory 24/7 for complete process control optimization
  • Improved compliance management

“High-performance Phos 58 outperforms alum and ferric by reducing wastewater phosphorus levels by as much as 80 percent.”

Lanthanum (La) and Cerium (Ce)

La and Ce elements are proven to achieve ultra-low phosphorus levels in wastewater systems. These natural, non-hazardous elements provide unique wastewater treatment benefits, including:

  • Ultra-low phosphorous levels (down to .07 mg/L)
  • Enhanced coagulation
  • High performance replacement for ferric and alum
  • Non-hazardous

Phos 58 is by far the most advanced application of La and Ce elements.


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The most pressing issues facing the country’s 50,000+ utilities!

New Phosphorus Regulations
...will be here soon!

Get your phosphorus levels down before 2020.


Keep your tote chemisty flowing with Perm-A-Tote

Compliance and Event Risk

Wastewater professionals work under a lot of stress. Failures from equipment, toxic events, SSO, etc. Fines and public notices are a constant worry. Everything compounded by the public’s disinterest in fully funding operations while at the same time having zero tolerance for problems and odor.

ATS Innova can help. We provide biology, chemistry, and technology that can minimize your stress, predict events, and have assurance in relation to compliance.

Reduce the Waste in Your Wastewater

Like most wastewater treatment facilities throughout the U.S., you’re battling all types of water issues and doing it on an ever tightening budget while facing more regulations. In this guide, Innova offers 5 secrets that will reduce your wastewater treatment plant’s operational costs while giving you superior results.

How Innova Can Help

Innovation Experts in Business Value Solutions
Innova consultants use their vast expertise and customizable specialty chemistry to investigate and solve problems for our water treatment customers. Founded in 1979, Innova, a subsidiary of ATS, is a premier provider of specialty chemical solutions for various water treatment applications, ultra-pure water systems, water optimization, and recovery systems. We apply science and technology to deliver innovative, safe, and environmentally-friendly solutions that are cost-effective and produce outstanding results.

Increase Water Performance and Reduce Maintenance Costs

We love working with the brightest minds in the water industry; together, we can solve your toughest water problems. Our Innova consultants have the knowledge and chemistry to increase water performance and slash maintenance costs. We offer specially-blended chemistry and polymers that are proven to outperform your current processes. We’ll evaluate your problem and apply a custom blend of chemistry to meet your specific needs. You’ll see fast, measurable results at a significantly lower cost.

““We had a very difficult water runoff this year, and [they] spent countless hours helping us explore different options and finding solutions. In addition to helping on our water system, he then came and spent time helping us with odor issues in our sewer system. Great company, and great staff. Couldn’t be more pleased!”

Vincent P.

“I have had the opportunity and in some cases privilege to work with many companies over my 40 plus years of doing business. ATS is one of those companies I have had the privilege to work with and they have always been very professional and responsive with us and our needs. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Lonny M.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with ATS over the past year on 80 + transactions/jobs and am continually impressed with their exceptional customer service both before and after project completion…. Thank you ATS for providing a superior equipment line, products and solutions with great people to back them up.
A far too rare combination in today’s fiercely competitive environment. ”

Tom H.

“Greatest customer service that I have experienced in my business career with a friendly, delightful, and responsive attitude. I look forward to every opportunity I have to do business with Alpine Technical Services. I trust their products and their comment to their customers. ”

Lisa C.

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